A2 Photonic Sensors is committed to provide easy-to-use and affordable measurement instruments complementary to the existing offer on the market, giving access to characteristics that are uncovered or only partially covered by other technologies.




Main characteristics


Bubbly flows
Chemistry, hydrology, nuclear, mixing process,
Bubble diameter/Droplet size

Bubble/Droplet velocity

Gas/Liquid fraction & flux

Size & velocity distribution

Sauter diameter
Works in extremely dense flows

Up and running in a few minutes

Easy mounting on standard pipe ports

Single measuring range covering m to cm

Eye-safe equipment


Sprays & droplet flows
Agriculture, spray drying, painting, high-pressure cleaning,


Snow analysis
Snowmelt onset detection
Snow grain size characterization
Avalanche forecasting
Snow making quality testing
Radiative transfer calculations
Remote sensing validation
Snow chemistry

Liquid water content of snow

Accurate and reliable field sensor

Well-defined measurement volume

Easy-to-use device

Instantaneous measurement


Specific surface area of snow


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