M2 Bubbly Flow Analyzer

Measure the bubble size, velocity and the gas fraction of your two-phase flows

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Measuring bubble size and velocity at the heart of the flow

Based on an innovative technique called Optical-Fiber Doppler Probe (OFDP), the M2 system enables easy measurement of bubble size and velocity in very dense flows, bubble columns, pipes or other liquid-gas environments with no optical access

Down to 100 μm
No upper limit

0.01 to 80 m/s

Void fraction
0 to 100%

Operating conditions
Up to 250 °C / 100 bar
Suitable for non-transparent liquids and turbulent flows

Up and running in minutes

The OFDP technique for bubble measurement: more than the sum of its parts

The Optical Fiber Doppler Probe technique designed by A2 Photonic Sensors is the fruit of more than 25 years of research. It results from the combination of phase optical probes with laser Doppler velocimetry. The technique relies on a micrometric sensor head that is manufactured at the tip of an optical fiber. Once immersed in the flow, the optical fiber probe acts as both the laser emitter and light detector and will measure all bubbles reaching its tip. The miniaturized size of the sensing part guarantees a very low disturbance to the flow, hence a high accuracy of the measurement of the bubble velocity and size.

Software and data processing

  • Simple and fast automated processing or advanced in-depth analysis
  • Optional acquisition triggering
  • Full access to raw data
  • Size and velocity distributions, size/velocity correlation
  • Easy data export

Designed for a wide variety of applications, from fundamental research to industrial R&D

  • High-pressure chemical reactor
  • Hydraulics (wave flume, stepped spillway…)
  • Nuclear & automotive cooling systems
  • Waste water treatment
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  • Mixing process
  • Fundamental studies
  • Oil drilling